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“MOLOCO is the global leader for in-app mobile advertising and MOLOCO's Retail Media Platform brings a powerful battle-tested machine learning engine with scalable adtech infrastructure. Through MOLOCO's Retail Media Platform, we were able to satisfy our sellers with performance and build a sustainable media business.”


VP of Ad Business, GS Shop

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Maximize your platform value with Sponsored Ads

  • Enable your sellers to improve product discoverability, conversion, and return on ad spend (ROAS) with first-party data and advanced prediction models

  • Let sellers run their own ROAS-optimized campaigns using our APIs and your existing campaign management tools

  • Drive shopper engagement and increase purchases through native and personalized ads

GS Shop sees 8x boost in seller ROAS

About GS Shop: General online store of GS Retail with over 10 million customers and products Impact of Moloco's Retail Media Platform:

  • 75% Increase in retailer margin

  • 8x Growth in seller ROAS

  • 70% Higher seller retention month to month


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MOLOCO’s Retail Media Platform

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Fully automated targeting



Scalable ad tech infrastructure with proven performance



Powerful and advanced machine learning engine



Quick and easy integration with your environment



Leverages your native ad formats



Self-serve campaign management




You’re in good hands

Moloco is top ranked as the most reputable measurement platform in the ad tech industry.

Appsflyer - Top 10 media source - Performance index
Kochava - Top 10 media partner - Kochava traffic index
Singular - ROI index - top media sources - MOLOCO

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