MOLOCO’s Retail Media Platform lets you build, scale and manage your media business reliably.

Ad Infrastructure

Ad infrastructure

MOLOCO’s APIs power self-service campaign management and reporting, built on scalable, proven adtech infrastructure

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Let MOLOCO’s intelligent machine learning automatically generate the best performance, then deliver the highest ad revenue

Reach and Scale

Reach and scale

MOLOCO offers retailers global reach and scale to support growth opportunities in untapped markets

“MOLOCO is the global leader for in-app mobile advertising and MOLOCO's Retail Media Platform brings a powerful battle-tested machine learning engine with scalable adtech infrastructure. Through MOLOCO's Retail Media Platform, we were able to satisfy our sellers with performance and build a sustainable media business.”


VP of Ad Business, GS Shop

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Maximize the value of your on-site media using Sponsored Ads

  • Enable your sellers to promote their products on your on-site media with the power of MOLOCO’s machine learning engine and your first-party data

  • Give your sellers self-service access so that they can manage their campaigns using our APIs and your existing campaign management tools

  • Allow your sellers to increase product discoverability, generate higher conversions and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Turn on our Recommendation Engine and boost your sales

  • Secure revenue growth for your sellers and maximize revenue per impression

  • Ensure your users get the most relevant offers using MOLOCO’s intelligent machine learning engine

  • Boost product discovery and brand experience for your users


Why Choose MOLOCO?


MOLOCO’s Retail Media Platform

Other Retail Media

Fully automated targeting



Scalable ad tech infrastructure with proven performance



Powerful and advanced machine learning engine



Quick and easy integration with your environment



Leverages your native ad formats



Self-serve campaign management




You’re in good hands

MOLOCO is top ranked by the ad tech industry’s most reputable measurement platforms.

Appsflyer - Top 10 media source - Performance index
Kochava - Top 10 media partner - Kochava traffic index
Singular - ROI index - top media sources - MOLOCO

Create a Retail Media Network built with intelligent machine learning
that leverages the power of your data and inventory.

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