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Modern marketers need to transcend global boundaries to reach new audiences, secure in the knowledge that their brand is safe from appearing alongside inappropriate content. Through our partnerships with the highest-quality supply side platforms, industry certifications, and brand safety product features, MOLOCO is proud to offer marketers a scalable solution that insulates their reputations from any potential threats to brand safety across the programmatic ecosystem.

Top-tier supply partnerships

We work exclusively with supply sources that share our commitment to brand safety and transparency. Our supply partners have direct SDK integrations with publishers, giving marketers a close and clear path to ad inventory. Our network of trusted partnerships lets marketers reach more than 4 billion global devices, including some of the most premium and respected apps across most verticals.

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Total transparency

No black boxes here. Get complete confidence in your programmatic media buying with 100% transparent log-level access via the MOLOCO Cloud automated buying platform. Drill down to the impression level to see exactly where your ads are appearing and how they got there.

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Granular inclusion/ exclusion

Get all the tools you need to accommodate even the most nuanced brand safety standards. Manage individual publishers/apps or leverage detailed category filters that keep your brand from appearing alongside the most common types of sensitive content.

Certified brand safe

MOLOCO meets the rigorous global brand safety standards set by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certification Program. We are committed to maintaining a strong industry standard for trust and credibility in the ever-evolving digital advertising ecosystem.

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