• Overall: 21.67% (down from 24.1% last week)

  • US: 35.48% (down from 59.13%)

  • KR: 23.19% (down from 22.01%)


  • Global fraud fell to its lowest level, 21.67%, since we launched our Fraud Watch series.

  • Junk installs are now the largest source of fraud globally. At 10.98% it now constitutes the majority of mobile ad fraud.

Sept 24_1

Global Fraud September 17–23


US fraud rates continue to dip, although it remains nearly twice the global average. We observe 19.26% of all US installs are Poached Organic, nearly three times the global rate of 6.68%.

Sept 24_2

US Fraud September 17–23


Although the uptick in fraud in Korea was minor (22.01% to 23.19%), the underlying fraud profile for the country shifted significantly. Poached organic installs fell nearly in half, from 17.39% to 10.34%, while phantom installs increased from 1.92% to 5.74%.

Sept 24_3

Korea Fraud September 17–23