• Overall: 24.21% (down from 45.60% last week)

  • US: 59.13% (down from 62.23%)

  • KR: 22.01% (down from 22.89%)


  • Overall fraud halved week over week, driven by a major drop in phantom installs (29.72% to 4.23%).

  • Major geographies (US, Korea) remained relatively stable, with US still seeing unacceptably high levels of fraud.

    Sept 17_1
Current week September 10-16


US remained stable at nearly 60% fraudulent traffic. The biggest culprit, poached organic installs, actually increased slightly week over week (41.70% to 44.88%)

Sept 17_2

Current Week USA: September 10-16


Korea also observed a small uptick in its largest category of fraud, poached organics, but this was mostly offset by a drop in phantom installs.

Sept 17_3

Current Week Korea: September 10–16