• Overall: 45.60% (up from 33.14% last week)

  • US: 62.23% (down from 68.01%)

  • KR: 22.89% (down from 25.92%)


  • Another large jump in fraud worldwide, up to nearly half of all installs are now showing major fraud concerns.

  • US fraud ticked down slightly but remains highly fraudulent. Nearly two in three US installs show signs of fraud.

Sept 10_1

Current week September 3 — September 9


The slight decrease in fraud in the US came from a drop in phantom installs (17.39% to 7.80%), although junk installs nearly doubled from 4.56% to 7.56%. Overall, poached organic installs remain the largest problem.

Sept 10_2

US Fraud Report: September 3- September 9


Korea remained relatively stable. The percent of installs rejected by MMPs dropped to a record low 0.29%. Poached organics remain the largest concern.

Sept 10_3

KR Fraud Report: September 3-September 9