• Overall: 28.03% (up from 24.68% last week)

  • US: 41.02% (up from 28.69%)

  • KR: 16.89% (down from 17.33%)


  • Fraud rates climbing again, showing an uptick in all categories of fraud across the board.

  • Clicks without IDFAs became a major issue this week, particularly in the US region.

Oct 22_1  
Global Fraud October 15–21


  • Large increases again for US fraud. Notably, junk installs nearly doubled.

  • The vast majority of clicks this week came without IDFA, a major change from prior weeks.

Oct 22_2 
US Fraud October 15–21


  • Korea fraud rate declined pleasantly, primarily due to a drop in installs rejected by MMP.

Oct 22_3

 Korea Fraud October 15–21