Introducing DoubleCheck, a tool to catch ad network fraud.

Our recent three-part series on mobile ad fraud made quite a splash in the industry. People came out of the woodwork to privately share their stories on mobile ad fraud. We’ve learned the mobile ad fraud problem is even more widespread and pernicious than we had first assumed. Thanks to everybody who provided your feedback, and thanks in advance to everybody who contacts us moving forward.

Many CMOs and user acquisition managers we talked to were already quite engaged in the fight against ad fraud and already had a sophisticated understanding of fraud tactics. Involved marketers are mostly interested in knowing how to keep current with the evolving techniques of fraudsters. We heard your feedback and created a solution just for you.

Introducing DoubleCheck




We are proud to announce the launch of DoubleCheck, the easiest way to detect fraud on your existing ad channels. Our platform ingests data from your existing MMP integration (ie. Tune, Kochava, AppsFlyer, Adjust) and provides easy and actionable tips to combat ad fraud.




Our platform evaluates your existing networks and generates a fraud score, from 0 to 100, so you can easily evaluate whether you should discontinue traffic or request a refund.




One client has already used DoubleCheck to get up to a 90% refund from fraudulent ad networks. Drill down on suspicious behavior by network.




Mean Time to Install distribution plots make it easy to visualize network fraud. Absurdly steep distributions can signify click spamming, while a straight line may indicate a network is wholly ineffective.

Visit to test drive our demo account. You can connect your existing MMP data and see results in seconds.

Unlike many tools, our basic version is available completely free. This version provides network-by-network breakdowns and recommendations for improvement.

If you like the basic version, you may consider upgrading to our full Enterprise Version, which includes full retention analysis. Please email for a quote or questions.