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MOLOCO is a 100% transparent mobile ad partner with unrivaled machine learning
expertise. We are a trusted industry leader in the programmatic space.

Industry-acknowledged performance
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Mobile measurement platforms across the industry have consistently recognized
 MOLOCO for our excellence in performance, growth, and fraud mitigation.

Global reach, massive scale

We’ve got the reach you need to acquire quality users. And you’ll have access to our
team of mobile experts every step of the way.


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"The mobile advertising ecosystem runs increasingly on data, and no one provides better data-driven solutions than MOLOCO. Whether for programmatic user acquisition, for in-house control of their data or as a fully managed service, MOLOCO’s machine learning-powered solutions give mobile businesses the edge they need to thrive in today’s data-driven mobile landscape."
Maxim Kirilenko
Chief Business Development Officer, Playrix
"We started using MOLOCO a couple of months ago and since then we have been scaling heavily. High performance traffic with efficient user level bidding that meet our targets month over month. Their recent recognitions everywhere are more than deserved. Keep up the good work!"
Michael Jessen
User Acquisition Specialist, Socialpoint
“MOLOCO helped us use our data to acquire the kind of valuable users we needed to hit our ROAS targets. They’ve allowed us to reach new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Working with them has been great!”
Nick Cullen
User Acquisition Manager, GameHive
“If you’re ready to accelerate growth for your mobile app, you can’t go wrong with MOLOCO. Their platform is ideal for user acquisition, and we appreciated their complete transparency every step of the way.”
Andy Jang
Senior User Acquisition Manager, Discord
"MOLOCO excels in technology, but more importantly in the quality of support they provide for their clients. Their team’s proactive dedication to making sure that our goals are met makes them our DSP partner of choice."
Heather Gainer
Marketing Manager - User Acquisition, Kongregate

“Through MOLOCO Cloud, we can access each impression’s granular log data, allowing us to understand every step of the funnel from exposure to conversion. MOLOCO is the only partner that provides this kind of precise feedback. It speaks to their confidence in providing clean traffic, and it’s a huge part of why we trust them implicitly.”

Tae Heon Kim
UA Team Lead, Netmarble

The complete growth toolkit
for mobile advertisers


app user acquisition

Reach your user acquisition goals and improve ROAS with our programmatic advertising platform and proprietary machine learning algorithms. Optimize for quality without sacrificing scale.


AI-fueled mobile
app retargeting

Did you know most users abandon apps after the first use? Our re-engagement solutions bring users back and close the marketing loop, generating more revenue in the process.


self-serve RTB platform

Skip the traditional DSP and save time and money compared with building your own in-house. MOLOCO Cloud offers a scalable bidding infrastructure while allowing you to control your data.

Unrivaled technology


ML-powered campaigns &
automated optimizations

Our unbiased ML engine combs through billions of data points to find your ideal audience. It auto-optimizes campaigns to filter out fraud and predict the probability of conversion from every single impression.


Advanced data processing
with API access

Our platform allows you to customize models with your own data and extract more value from existing business insights. We also offer API access and impression-level logs to supplement your data science explorations, and allow you more control.

Growth minded? Us too!

We know how to tap into the full power of your data to drive scale and quality. If you’re looking for ROI-focused mobile solutions, reach out today.

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